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   HCL Domino Volt - v1.0.5 BETA Environment Updates      

We are pleased to announce that the HCL Domino Volt Sandbox now includes Beta design and early access to new features before they are released. This new model will allow our customers and business partners to test and provide feedback and help us make these products better than ever.

On November 25, 2021, we performed maintenance and updates to the HCL Domino Volt Sandbox environment. During that time, we also installed a Beta version of our v1.0.5 release, targeted for Q1-2022. Specifically, we introduced the new Visual Workflow Designer. The Visual Workflow Designer is being added to the product and replaces the previous user experience that was under Stages. The goal of this redesign is to make the workflow capabilities of the product easier to use and understand, helping to unlock this valuable feature of HCL Domino Volt for our customers.

CLICK HERE to download our "What's New" documentation.

What this Means For You
With the introduction of the new Visual Workflow Designer, you will have the opportunity to experience the future of HCL Domino Volt and provide us with valuable feedback of your experience with the new functionality. Your feedback is very important to us and will help us build new features into the product that work best for all users.

At this time, the Visual Workflow Designer is the area of the Beta that the HCL Product Team would like to hear from you about. Please direct any comments, observations, or issues to the HCL Domino Volt support forum. We anticipate that we will have ample time to address many of the issues surfaced during the Beta before the product is released and thank you ahead of time for helping us refine the product. We plan on continually updating the HCL Domino Volt Sandbox with new, yet to be released functionality so that we can solicit feedback on our product direction from our existing users.

What You Need To Do
As this update introduces new functionality that is not within the currently available release of HCL Domino Volt, if you make changes to your applications in this environment once the new functionality is introduced, the changes will not be backwards compatible with HCL Domino Volt v1.0.4. If you are using the HCL Domino Volt Sandbox for real development and/or testing of your existing applications, you will need to back up your applications prior to the upgrade. Any changes and saving/redeployments of your application will upgrade it to v1.0.5, making it no longer usable in Domino Volt v1.0.4. Backing up the application will ensure that you can continue to use it in v1.0.4 and safeguard them against issues you may run into with the Beta.

Please back up your apps by exporting them with data if you plan to make any modification to them with the Domino Volt v1.0.5 Beta. You can do this by clicking "moreā€¦ / export / include submission data" below the application name on the "HCL Domino Volt - Application Manager" page.

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